Had my new water system installed today by Erol and his son Aiden. I went with the top-of-the-line iron filter unit with a new pressure tank and salt softener. Very satisfied.
The job was cleanly and quickly, whole thing finished in 4 maybe 5 hours. Including uninstalling the "system" I used to have. Erol even cleaned out the debris and junk left on the ground before installing the new stuff.
Kept me informed every step of the way, rushed me into his schedule by making an exception and doing a weekend job (Thanks again!) and gave me a wicked deal at the end of it all.
We used this company at the office for a similar system, and another at my Fathers' with an RO unit as well.
All experiences have been A1.
Real top shelf service, knowledge, products, and work.
Highly recommended to anyone that is just sick of slowly wasting time and money fixing one problem after the other... Call these guys and get some peace of mind. One and done!

Gabriel - Cornwall, Ontario

I recently began renting a house in July. My plan was to start my business in this house however I was told that without fixing the water issues I wouldn’t be able to as my business relies heavily on the water quality. It took four months of researching to try to find a water system I could afford. I called various other companies and they were either trying to rent me equipment I didn’t need or their rental fees were way over-priced. I got desperate and called pretty much any water system company I could find on the internet hoping to either find a company that rented equipment or a company that could refer me to someone trustworthy. I count myself so lucky that I happened to call Errol Judd at Hills and Valley Water Systems. We spoke for a bit and I explained my situation. He said that he had a re-purposed water softener that he would install for me. It turns out everything was a very reasonable price for the installation and the softener. Due to the house being very old he needed special fittings, there was an issue with the softener but he fixed it. In the end he had to come on three different occasions but now I have amazingly soft water. He really knows his stuff! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a water treatment system. He is compassionate, professional and really does all he can do to help. He is also very honest; he didn’t try to sell me any filter I didn’t need. It really goes to show that there are still some genuinely nice people left in the world.

Errol from Hills & Valley water system came to my house and explained in great detail how the systems work and what would and would not be required for my home. After testing my water we found high levels of chlorine and other contaminants in my water we also found my water to be very hard for city supplied water at a level of 23. It's been one week since the installation and right away we noticed a huge difference in water quality. We use much less soaps when taking showers or when washing our clothes and dishes, my coffee taste better all my soups and foods prepared with RO water taste amazing. This new water system has changed our lives for the better no more scrubbing for hrs tryin to remove water stains from faucets and showers my wife could not be any happier with our quality of water I can't believe the difference it's made in such a short amount of time. I would recommend Errol and his company to anyone looking to improve their health and overall quality of life.

For close to 19 years we have been fighting a massive sulphur/hard water problem. We called numerous water companies and the only one who would even provide service was the guys with the white vans with the blue "C" . We have had two separate systems from them that were useless and very expensive. Their after sales service was abysmal. Finally we found Errol from Hills and Valley and we could not be happier. Errol's commitment to our project was second to none. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated and truly cares about his work. We have never had better water. The sulphur is completely gone and the water is now so soft. Immediately after installation, Errol called to ensure the system was working and to make sure we were happy. Errol is very professional and handled our project seamlessly from star to finish. We would not hesitate to recommend Hills and Valley to anyone.

Sam - Braeside, Ontario

We were just about to recondition our existing system with another company when we brought Errol in for a second opinion. He was professional and very knowledgeable of the products and took the time to explain to us why our curry rent system was not working and how his recommendation for us made sense. The installation was smooth and we now feel a huge difference with our skin, hair even our fridge ice cubes are clear as we were told they should be if our system was working properly. We are so glad we have this new system and happy that now have hot water on demand.. something we thought we could never have with our water being so bad. I will be recommending this company to anyone looking for something that works is expected to work for years to come.

Nadia - Toronto, Ontario

I took the time to research a product of quality for my new home. Hills and Valley took care to address all of my questions, and I couldn't be happier with their service. I purchased a system for removing sulpher and all minerals, a water softener, and a battery backup for my sump pit. everything was installed very professionally and the finished product is a very clean look. The product itself had great reviews online, and so far has proven itself. I am very happy with my decision to do business with Hills & Valley.

Kevin Hanlon - Ottawa, Ontario

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