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Hills and Valley Water Systems Inc. has been servicing areas in and around Perth, Rideau Ferry, Lombardy, Playfairville, Franktown, Smiths Falls, Numogate and Ottawa for over 21 years. During our years of experience, our fully licensed water treatment technicians in Perth have learned all the skills required to design, install, and repair any residential, industrial, or commercial water filtration system. Our organization is also fully licensed under the Ministry of the Environment so that you can be sure we are following all regulations in Southern Ontario for your industrial, residential, or commercial water treatment system. Our water filtration specialists in Perth would like to welcome you with their knowledge and skills so that you do not have to worry about the water in your residential, commercial, and/or industrial building. Some of our products and services include:

Commercial water filtration
  • Commercial iron & sulphur removal systems
  • Commercial water softeners
  • Commercial ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems
  • Commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • Free on-site commercial water analysis
Residential water filtration
  • Residential iron & sulphur removal systems
  • Residential carbon filters
  • Residential water softeners
  • Residential ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems
  • Residential reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • Complimentary in-home water analysis
Industrial water filtration
  • Free on-site industrial water analysis
  • Industrial iron & sulphur removal systems
  • Industrial water softeners
  • Industrial ultraviolet (UV) sterilization systems
  • Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems

Our water filtration technicians in Perth service the cities of Perth, Rideau Ferry, Lombardy, Playfairville, Franktown, Smiths Falls, Numogate and Ottawa. Should you have any questions regarding our company’s water filtration systems for residential, commercial, or industrial use, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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